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Queensland University of Technology

In 1991, Professor Wood established a vision and driving research laboratory investigating the relationship between vision and driving performance particularly in the elderly. This laboratory uses a unique experimental design, incorporating measurements of actual driving performance on a closed circuit driving course at Mt Cotton Training Centre as well as on the open road, rather than making indirect judgments via crash rate data or computer simulators. Professor Wood's research approach has led to the development of an extensive research network overseas, involving a range of highly successful collaborations with academics across the world as well as from Australia, both within and outside of QUT.

In addition, the research team has developed a measurement system which allows accurate measurement of the distances at which drivers are able to detect and recognise road objects, such as road signs, pedestrians and other road objects.

QUT staff undertaking research activities at Mt Cotton Training Centre 

Photo of inside of research vehicle used by QUT staff at Mt Cotton Training Centre

Last updated
24 August 2017