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Large Vehicle Manoeuvring Area

The Large Vehicle Manoeuvring Area consists of two hectares (five acres) of a flat bitumen surface. The area is rectangular in shape measuring about 150 metres by 120 metres in size with a 1.7 kilometre circuit constructed around its perimeter. A feature of this facility is the bubble sprinkler system that was built into the road allowing a constant wet surface if required. Water used for this area is harvested water.

The main training uses include:

  • heavy vehicle manoeuvring
  • evasive reaction training
  • control braking (wet and dry)
  • skid prevention for heavy vehicles.

An undercover observation area and amenities block is also available for participants comfort.

Panoramic shot of Large Vehicle Manoeuvring Area


Black vehicle on LVMA

Gold coloured light vehicle training on LVMA


Last updated
24 August 2017